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Lead Generation


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An UK based event marketing company also an UK based Compliancy Services company has a rock-star marketing organization. The team responsible for promoting its solutions generates a large quantity of leads through extensive and well executed marketing programs.


Last year, more than 50,000 prospective lead generated for these companies, indicating their interest in the services offered by the company by registering for and attending events, visiting the website and campaign-specific landing pages, case studies and other industry information. With that kind of success, these two company’s challenges certainly wasn’t lead generation but rather lead qualification. To make sure that sales resources were used efficiently, marketing needed a way to turn those leads into opportunities. The company was looking for a way to assure sales reps spent their time nurturing prospects and closing deals, not qualifying thousands of hand-raisers.


They chose MGTS to help qualify its leads and keep the sales team as productive as possible.
MGTS which offers a gamut of prospect development services ranging from lead generation to web research provides a lead development offering high-quality way to convert marketing leads to sales prospects. Clients noted that MGTS’s sophisticated approach to lead development was influential in being selected as its outsourced lead development partner and the subsequent conversion, of its raw leads into qualified leads. Extensive web research and data analysis is used to manage the conversion process, enabling intelligence gathering and fine tuning along the way. In MGTS, we have developed an effective internal application to manage all data which is being collected by researching different website also restricting data duplication.
Our lead-generation process selects from the following objectives:

  • The number of leads expected.
  • The degree of qualification.
  • The time frame during which they will arrive.
  • The cost per lead.
  • Lead-to-sales conversion ratio.
  • Revenue per lead.
  • ROI or expense-to-revenue ratio.
  • Choose one primary and no more than two secondary objectives, and make them very specific..
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  • We have dedicated professionals for
  • Web research
  • Finding source as per client requirement
  • Lead management
  • Quality control
  • IT professionals for integration works with and internal App Developer, professional with API enablement.
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    Lead Generation

    With our dedicated and highly experienced professionals MGTS served quality leads to many companies and individuals based on India, USA, Poland, Russia, Romania etc. Many of them has turned into our regular client and working with us till now.

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