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End-to-end solution provider with expertise on all platforms & devices & eliminating multi-vendor hassles

OTT Platform Development & System Integration

End-to-end Development of the entire streaming platform including backend, front-end and all system integrations

Experience Design & App Development

Experience and Engagement oriented front-end apps design and development across devices.

Quality Assurance

Domain contextual quality engineering and assurance including the entire streaming value chain

OneOps Managed Services

Consolidated Operations across all Apps, Infra & Content for OTT delivered as reliable managed services with end-to-end ownership

  Key Highlights

Team of OTT Specialists

OTT apps deployed

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OTT Ecosystem Partners

Managed Services

Video Start

Video Start is a highly customizable, end-to-end OTT solution for building experience-oriented branded video streaming platforms. Our extendable, white-labeled solution helps deliver performance-oriented, scalable, and rich user experiences for OTT platforms.

Built for Experience & Monetization

Your Platform, Your IP

Launch Within Days

Cross-Platform Apps for All Devices


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24/7 assistance for any IT-related solutions!
We believe that no level of communication is too much as we aim to provide you with best-in-class services. Keeping that in mind, we consult with you regarding the infrastructural development you intend to attain. It helps us understand your prospects and deliver the projects accordingly.

Well-managed global network for optimum services!

Our savvy team is based in Houston and Northern Ireland. We aim at managing a global network with the best-chosen professionals around the world. However, we never compromise on our quality and promise. So, you can rest assured of our on-time delivery and quality services.