Data Entry

 Data Entry

Digitisation has been the need of the hour for almost every business organisation irrespective of their industry and business model. Focusing on the need for data management, Ascendeon Group has come up with data processing services to complete the data entry-related tasks for your company.

Business operations like database updating, invoice making, etc., requires recorded data. Considering the time and accuracy required to complete the process, companies outsource data extraction services to get the job done. This is where Ascendeon Group comes in.

Our professionals use state-of-the-art tools to extract and enter the data with almost 100% accuracy. Choosing our data entry services can help you develop an accessible and powerful database based on information. We provide data extraction and processing services to multiple industry-based companies with equal efficiency and professionalism.

We provide data entry services to cater to the requirements of our huge clientele. Here are some of the data entry services offered by us:

 Data Extraction

 Online Data Entry

 Data Enrichment

 Volume Data Entry

 Image Data Entry

 Abstracting and Indexing, etc.

When you choose us for data entry services, you get complete assurance, high-quality data security, efficient operational service, etc. Check out what makes us one of the leading data extraction companies:

 Our experienced and skilled team

 We have records of faster turnarounds

 Our strong and varied portfolio, continuous assistance, cost-efficient pricing, etc.

 We ensure top-of-the-line data security

 Our professionals offer nearly 100% accuracy during data extraction and entry

We are a leading data extraction company providing personalised data entry support to help you meet your business goals efficiently.


Incredible Benefits

Customer-centric business model to offer the best professional services!
We focus on 100% customer satisfaction. Hence, our team conducts time-to-time communication with the client to learn their requirements. Thereafter, we implement effective strategies focusing on the client's prospects to deliver quality work.

We are firm believers in:

A wide network of an efficient global team for on-time project delivery!

Our savvy team is based in Houston and Northern Ireland, whereas, our delivery team operates from Kolkata, India. Despite the distance and differences in time zones, we maintain parity between both teams and ensure timely delivery without dropping the quality.