Mobile and Web Development

 Mobile and Web Development

Are you looking for professional mobile and web development services at cost-efficient rates? Ascendeon Group has got you covered! With professionals having years of experience and expertise in developing mobile applications and websites, we ensure that you get excellent services as per your requirements.

Our team excels in dealing with advanced web development tools and techniques. Focusing on customer satisfaction, we develop a user-friendly interface to attract more users. We develop mobile-friendly applications that can be used on any device.

We write cross-browser codes while developing the application, to ensure it runs optimally on every mobile browser. The best part is, the professionals test the application on multiple browsers to ensure its user-friendliness. We deliver the project after receiving satisfactory results in each browser.

As an efficient mobile and web development outsourcing company, we focus on reducing and optimising each byte to reduce the loading time. Moreover, we use commercial CDNs to improve download performance, enhance analytics, etc.

Our service does not end with creating the website or mobile application. We also offer website maintenance services to enhance your experience. Moreover, we keep track of the website so that we can implement advanced features whenever required.


Incredible Benefits

Robust communication to enhance customer experience!
Our core teams operate from distant lands. We have our delivery team based in Kolkata, India, and the tech team in Northern Ireland and Houston. Thanks to our efficient teamwork all our clients are extremely happy with our services. We communicate with our clients whenever needed and ensure they receive the best from us.

Highly skilled experts offer state-of-the-art services!

Our skilled technicians are efficient in using advanced coding languages like C++, Swift, Python, PHP, JavaScript, etc. Moreover, they are experts in dealing with web development tools like CMS, frameworks, code versioning software, etc. So, you can rest assured to receive top-notch optimised mobile and web development services from us.