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Data Cleansing And Web Research


Art and Entertainment.


Business Situation

The client had been supplying 'what's on' information for the whole of UK from the biggest acts and venues to ultra-local level community events taking place in the neighbourhood.



The company was established in 2005. Their core business was to collate and license syndicated information and services to publishers, new media and mobile services. They provided events data suitable for integration for mobile, new media, press and publishing companies. The company was the part of Science Navigation Group of independent companies that collaborate closely with each other to publish and develop information and services for professional and consumer markets. MG Tathya Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (MGTS), a firm based in Kolkata, India, was selected to provide the web research, data collection and data population services as per the requisite Process Document at the outset and as modified through mutual consent from time to time.


The project was divided into two phases:
Phase-1 - This was the first phase of the work-flow, where MGTS agents had to go through various web sites of Art/Event venue listings. The client provided the list of these web listing sites. Agents started their work with some general source which contained some key points such as: Art Fairs, Art Journals, Auction Houses, Private Galleries, Public Institutions, Museums, Attraction Points, Libraries, Music Venues, Cinemas etc. Each key point represented a list of galleries, exhibitions, institutions etc. and each list item contained their official. website and address. The actual information related to the venue (address, contact details, opening hours, price etc.) should be collected from the venue's own homepage, not from the general source.

Phase-2 - At this phase, MGTS agents had to extract more detail data for the events being conducted in various Art/Event venues from the corresponding web sites of the concerned event venues. There are more than 50 fields, which were to be populated in respect of each event following the guideline of Process Document.



  • MGTS had engaged 30 persons for this web research and data collection services.

  • They provided services for 5 days in week for 9 hours per day.

  • We used to review around 16000+ web resources in a month.

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    Data Cleansing And Web Research

    MGTS has served one UK based company to build a comprehensive Venue and event listing database based on Art, Attraction, Music, Life Style, Entertainment etc. We also had the responsibilities for doing daily data checking, updating and cleansing.